Getaways in the form of an exploration game



By what means :

  • three-wheeled electric scooters

  • iPads attached to scooters

  • an exploration game on the iPad 

More details

Principle of our getaways

      The IPad on the scooter is your only guide.

It shows you the the paths to take and where to stop to discover hiddem gems. It offers you a quiz question at each stop and will tell you secrets and anecdotes about the villages of the Champagne.


Take pleasure in driving an 3 wheels electric scooter in silence

     Taking control of the scooter is simple thanks to the stability of its 2 front wheels and  its driving mode limited to 45 km/h.
Driving in silence provides a unique pleasure.


Explore the unknown historical heritage of villages

     Hidden frescos, interesting points of view, monuments, castles, churches : the riches of Champagne will be discovered on your way.


Play as a team by answering quiz question

     Thanks to geolocation, a quiz automatically appears on the iPad at each stop

     One iPad is provided for 2 scooters, which allows for an exchange between teammates at each stop

     The quiz results are given at the end of the course, which makes it possible be a in competition with other scooter crews throughout the course

Planet Explora.jpg

Learn anecdotes about the Champagne region

      The history of the monument or an interesting story about the village will be shown on the IPad at each stop.