Unusual getaways

Cassiopeia Mission

  • The Cassiopeia Mission tour is a fantastic tour.


  • The course begins at sunset.

​In just a few minutes, the beautiful sky will reveal a unique spectacle.

  • Accompanied by a guide for safety, you will travel the hills by electric scooter  en three wheels in search of unique places conducive to stargazing.

  • On the return of Chavot-Courcourt, with an iPad and astronomical binoculars, each team / family will be responsible for finding constellations but above all for marveling .

  • This experience will undoubtedly delight young and old due to the discovery through the binoculars of the starry sky and the moon.

Not to be missed!


  • Languages: FR|EN|RU

By reservation only​

49€ - Driver (+18 with driver's license)

25€ - Passenger adult

15€ - Passenger child (+ 4 years)

Variable departure time

10 km

45min on scooter + 1h30 of observation


Rally Photos


Time to be defined

  • Do you want to explore the magnificent landscapes of Champagne on scooter and leave with beautiful photos?


  • Make the most of the environment available to you!


  • Between vineyards and forest, accompanied by Alexandre Couvreux, professional photographer, you will improve your technical knowledge (setting, exhibition, creativity ...) to create your photographic memories of the day in Champagne.


  • Whether you have a camera or a smartphone, charge your batteries! Let's go !


  • Languages: FR

By reservation only
From 85 € / Pilot
Group of 5 clients maximum

10 km

1h on scooter + 1h30 of photo stops